About Kyle



My experience attending college thanks to generous financial aid showed me the power of education to transform lives and open opportunities. Since that time, I have built my career working in the education and nonprofit sectors to improve educational outcomes for all students, regardless of their background.

I want to work on behalf of this community to ensure everyone has access to a high-quality education. That means supporting and paying teachers as the professionals they are, working to make sure our highest-need schools have the resources to best serve their students, and building relationships between the broader community and our schools.

I am new to politics, but I have made a lifelong commitment to serving this state and advocating for people who are too often pushed to the margins or left out of policy decisions that affect their ability to achieve their dreams in Tennessee. 

I believe in the power of communities working together to find common solutions to big problems we all face. I also believe in the power of stories to inform how we tackle those problems. And, I am a fact addict who works relentlessly to make sure all perspectives are taken into account to find the right path forward.

Last year, I started my own business to work with local, state, and national nonprofit organizations and universities to improve public education. Prior to that, I worked in the nonprofit sector for a leading education advocacy organization--collaborating with lawmakers, nonprofits, and business leaders to improve K-12 education for every Tennessee student.

After earning a bachelor’s degree and Master’s in education policy at Vanderbilt, I worked for a nonprofit firm in the Washington, DC area providing research assistance to local school districts looking for solutions to improve educational outcomes for their students. I then went to the University of Michigan to pursue a Ph.D. in education leadership, before returning to Nashville to advocate for students and make it my long-term home. 

My faith gives me a strong passion to work for a more just society, and I am an active member of West End United Methodist Church.