Every child in Tennessee deserves a great public education in schools that support their growth in safe, nurturing environments. That's work best done by a well-prepared, diverse set of teachers and school leaders, but must be supported at the state level. In the legislature, I will keep constant focus on pushing Tennessee to better serve all students in our public schools and get them ready for college and good jobs. In the State House, I will advocate for paying and supporting teachers as the professionals they are, setting high expectations for all students, and making sure students and teachers have the resources they need to succeed. And, I'll work to expand Tennessee's commitment to making sure cost is not a barrier for anyone pursuing education and training beyond a high school diploma. 


Like many Tennesseans, I gained an appreciation for hard work from watching my parents work their hardest to get by. I believe there is dignity in all work, and as Nashville continues to grow, more living-wage jobs are needed to support our local families and continued economic growth. In the legislature, I will be an advocate for people doing the work that makes our community strong and for growing businesses that provide paths to prosperity. That means pushing for a higher minimum wage and making sure new and small businesses can grow in Tennessee and support a strong middle class.

Health Care

No one should face the possibility of bankruptcy because of a health problem, but Republicans who control the legislature have chosen consistently to turn away billions of Medicaid expansion dollars that could aid a quarter-million Tennesseans in accessing affordable health care coverage. Meanwhile, far too many Tennesseans are suffering from chronic diseases. Just three conditions--cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension--combined cost our state more than $5 billion a year in medical costs, lost productivity, and premature death. I believe there is a better way to treat Tennesseans, and in a city with world-class health care centers, I'll work to expand affordable access to health care as a fundamental right. 

Equal Rights

I believe every Tennessean should have an equal opportunity to receive a great education, work at a good-paying job, and live without fear of financial calamity because they or a loved one gets sick. But my commitment to equality goes beyond that. In the legislature, I will speak out and work against discriminatory legislation, whether it targets the rights of women, immigrants, refugees, or LGBT Tennesseans. No one should face discrimination because of how they look, where they're from, what they believe, or who they love. I pledge to work tirelessly to reflect my belief that the more equal our society, the stronger we all are.